Hill Top Rottweilers


                    This is our females

 Below Scarlett                                      Dixie                                        Dixie                                  


Hannah       She daughter of  Frieden and Spirit.   Hannah is a good mom and loves kissing. very spirited, sometimes rowdy but full of life.

Alisha    She is out of Frieden and Cheyanne

Phoenix   before babies

Phoenix as new mom

Rebekaha. She is Frieden's most spoiled and smartest daughter.  She is special. Stormy is her mom and prayer is her grandmother. Prayer is deceased, but she was so smart. She would open her kennel gate and get out. sometimes she would let the others out. Sometimes she would head to the fridg and open the door and help herself. Stormy is so smart too, opening the gate if not locked.  Rebekaha goes over 6' fences to get out. Rebekaha is our baby. I delivered her and bottle fed her from day 1. She learned to climb at age 4 wks. and she talked too much. I said don't keep that one when she was 3 wks. old because she talked to much, running up and down the kennel whining. Until she learned to climb out and I would hold her. Now she is quite the mess. Way to spoiled.
Stormy She is very smart. That's where Rebekaha got her smarts. Stormy got it from her mom Prayer Bear (deceased). Stormy is special and a sweetheart. She loves everyone.


Brook is a sweetie and very dark. She is out of Dakota  and Dozer.



Shone is out of Hope and Max 


She is Stormy's sister. 

very smart. Sweet,and large girl


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