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Thank God for Grandkids           and Rottweilers

      We have some amazing Rottweilers. We have been breeding Rottweilers for 23 years.   During this time we have been  improving our line.    Our studs have all came from Serbia as puppies.    Von Hause Milsped   and  Von Hause Kigen   Kennels.  Both are known for their champions.  All our females are born here out of them.       We have Rottweilers because  they are so smart, friendly, and great protectors. They love family.   My motto is : ONCE A ROTTWEILER OWNER ALWAYS A  ROTTWEILER OWNER.


Above is    Hotch Von Hause Keigen. The sire to all my puppies at this time.  He is beautiful and a sweet baby.

 one the left is our Great Grandaughter with one of our puppies.


                                             Sergeant Gunner Von Hause Milsped. He has passed but he is the father of most my girls. Grandpa to the puppies.                                                                              

above is Elijah Von Hause Kigen.  He is 14 months in this picture.  growing up fast.  He will be sire of  some of our other puppies soon.

                                  below are some of our babies                                                                                                        Below is Tim and Hotch

Frieden always watching over the young ones

Frieden he was the best. Beauty and temperament. will always miss him

This is Gil Von Hause Milsped. He is grandpa to some of my girls

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