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Jennifer to Karen

Today is our baby girl daughter of Brook 1st birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday Brook babies! I couldn't be happier with our girl Vera Lynn. She is so smart & so sweet.Such a proud fur moma! I just want to thank you Karen and Tim for doing what you do and being the reason this girl is my life! Vera brings happy to my heart and just feels me with such joy! So thankful for my sweet jumbo shark dog. ( we call her shark because we once saw a shirt that said I'm not a shark, I'm a rottweiler lol)


Thank you so much for blessing my dad and I with such a good looking and loving rottie girl. She is from Miss Scarlett's litter and was born on January 31 2017. She is the most happy puppy around and loves going places with my dad and I. She goes to training sessions every weekend and is extremely smart. She is such a goofy dog! She loves to hop around and make the weirdest facial expressions it's so funny haha. She is very loved by my entire family and friends. She has a perfect bill of health and is up to date on shots. She follows me around everywhere and is always watching me. She loves to nap on my big bean bags or in bed with me. She is very well mannered in the house and is currently teething. I just wanted to give u an update about this precious girl and let you know how grateful I am to have her in my life, that she has made a whole lot better for me. I will attach some pictures and videos to this email for you to see her.

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Veronica Williams

3:28 PM on January 9, 2017 by

We got a female who was born Dec 23, 2013. We named her Nala. She is the greatest dog we have ever had!! She is so very smart. We have never had a fit baby like her. She is so intelligent!!! Thank You so much!!! Now we want another one. She LOVES the water and the boat. She also swims in our pool. She is very protective of me I am disabled I have spine and nerve issues and I think she knows because she will not play with me like she does with my husband and son. She gets crazy with them. She is so gentle with me. She loves toys. The fist fur baby we had that loved to play toys. Her favorite time is in the back yard and someone throwing her outside ball. This thing weighs a ton and she absolutely loves to run for it catch or grab it and go nuts growling and getting the ball then she brings it back to you to throw it again. She will do this non stop all day if she could. Another favorite of hers is to play football with Daddy. He tells her to go long and she backs up and he will say no longer and she backs up more and then he throws the toy and she grabs it out of the air and rushes him with it!!! She is so funny and great!!! Our vet absolutely LOVES her he looks forward to her visits and they play together to. He says he hasn't seen a more perfect Rottie then her. Thank you!!! Veronica and Rusty Williams Demotte, IN.

Nick says...

Hi Karen! Back in October I was looking for a rottweiler puppy. I came across you guys online and so happy I did. I have Mia,one of the females from Gibbs and Hannah litter. She is amazing. And honestly the sweetest puppy of any breed I have ever seen she will kiss any one she sees for days. But she's a tough little cookie. I have a chocolate lab at home that's 4 and my roommate has a great Dane. and little Mia beats up on both of them! She is a little over 5 months now and 51 pounds. Just want to say thank you and you guys made my drive from Chicago worth it back in october. You were friendly and helpful with any questions I had and I will be seeing you guys again some day when I'm ready to buy my next Dottie. Thanks,Nick

**Rottie ** not "dottie"

Below is a shot of Jedi and Jane. Treats first as always. Thanks she is a great pup at 9 months. Joe Fisher and Jane Grahm

From Some of our happy puppy owners

Hi Karen & Tim,

First I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to meet with us and show us around on Saturday. My husband and I were just in awh with how beautiful all your rotties are and how happy they all are. We absolutely fell in love with Gunner and Freedom. I want to thank you for taking the time to show us all your dogs and giving us history on each of them. Tim you are awesome we could have spent all day talking to you. You made us feel so welcome and made this a one of a kind experience. I'm so grateful that we found you both and are able to get our little baby girl from you both. You were exactly what we have been searching for and more in a breeder. We have been to a few and they don't even come close to what you have and the time you took with us. We are super excited to bring our baby home and Let the kids meet her and the both of you. Just wanted you both to know we are so very happy that we waited it out and found you both. Thank you!!!!! Charlotte and Luis Cervantes

 From Wisconsin:

Thank you for the cutiest puppy ever! She is so smart, we haven't had any accidents in the house yet. She has been going to the door, and comes and sits by your feet when you call her. YOu guys had to have done alot of work with these puppies more than I have ever seen other breeders do. Thank you again, and I will send pics to you as she grows up. I will recommend your puppies to anyone that is looking for a good dog.

From Sitka Alaska

Boss is AWSOME. We talk every day about what a great dog he is . So far he is completely housebroken, sits and lays down on command, knows what "get" means. ( he is my shadow, and sometimes I just need him out from under my feet) Knows easy when taking a treat, ;and is really good on a leash. He walks right next to us....never in front. We're workiing on some other tricks with him, but have really been encouraging finding people since you pointed that out as a strength. There is a group called Stika Mountain rescue up here, and we have been talking a lot with the man that runs it about training. He already has two rottweilers in the group and Boss is showing a ton of potential. All of that aside, he's just a great dog. He "talks" a lot, which is very funny. He gets along great with every dog we've run into, and LOVES Kids and babies


Karen, I was one person who got your BIG BOY in December. Bear is doing great just turned 5 months and is growing like a weed. He now weighs 60 lbs. and the vet said he is the most gentel Rotty she has seen in a long time

From Lexington Ky.

Dexter, is doing wonderfull. He is really well socialized with humans and animals. Housebreaking him was a snap and he doesn't chew on anything other than his toys. I was considering getting him a little sister and was courious about what litter you have planned or currently have.

Laura Reese from Ladoga

Do you still have this puppy? Or another puppy available? We are looking for a Rottie pup and live in Ladoga. I met a lady at obedience class who had a male pup from you last year and I really liked his confirmation and temperment. Thanks. Laura

Holding puppy

Hi Karen,

Thank you very much for letting Danielle and I come visit today! We had a great time and we are hoping to come back again in a couple weeks to check back in with our puppy. We are VERY excited :). I just sent through the paypal payment for the 100$ deposit. Please let me know when you get it. Thank you very much again!

Tim and Danielle

From Holly

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to send some updated pictures of Boz, it's been just over 10 months and he is still as perfect as the day Jason and I picked him up from you. I believe this was Dakota's litter with F. Watcher. We took him to the vet 2 months ago for an ear allergy issue and he checked out great at 105 lbs at just 8 months old! We havent weighed him since but are taking a guess that he is about 115-120 lbs now. Everyone loves him and he is the most well behaved and intelligent dog we've ever owned. Our big baby boy! Enjoy the photos!


Happy Rotty owner

lWe purchased a puppy from you last September on our way home from US Nationals, we named her Indigo Grace and she has been the best dog. She has a perfect temperment, is great with our kids and is the most lovable laid back rottweiler and has made me so happy that we waited until we found her to get another puppy. Now that bragging about Indy is done my brother has been disappointed that we didn't get two puppies when we got her because he also has wanted one since we lost our childhood rottweiler, so my question is do you have a litter that is going to be ready soon or will you be having puppies in the future that we can be put on the list for? Please let me know. And again thank you so much for letting us bring Indy into our life she has been a blessing!ick to add text, images, and other content

Happy owners

Just wanted to check in and let you know that Rabel is doing great! I have attached a few pictures of him. He loves to play tug of war with us and with Danielle's parents bloodhounds! We are definitely interested in getting another puppy in the future, so please keep us in mind. I hope all is well with you and your family. Tell Frieden hello from us!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Tim and Danielle

Hi Karen,

Brian and I got Dominic from you and Tim this July. I realized I haven't sent you any photos of him so I thought I would check in with one for you. He has grown to be our big 50lb boy and I think looks more like his daddy, Agent Gibbs more and more each day haha!! He has loads of energy and is growing like a weed!! He's a complete blessing and he loves to play with our older dog Daisy and he tries to love the cat too but she stubborn haha! He's a definite people lover and were completely blessed to have him. We couldn't thank you guys enough for such a wonderful boy!!! We will send more photos soon ?

Take care

Brian and Micayla Groover

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